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Sadistic Femdom Mistress, Mistress Akella, is Global Phenomenon!

Sadistic Femdom Beauty
Fetish Photographer Sean Scott’s of Mistress Akella On Her Throne

Sadistic Femdom Videos

Another Sadistic Femdom Videos presentation here. Mistress Akella, the London Dominatrix employs Her fist to ruin the orgasm of Her slave. Her enjoyment and laughter are real. See for yourself!

Update: Sadistic Femdom Videos

In this update, the Sadistic Femdom Mistress Akella is cold hearted and eager to inflict pain. Her slave is subjected to a wicked lashing. You can believe this is merely the warm up stage of the violent and vicious thrashing that in store for him.

Sadistic Femdom Videos keep on cumming. Here is a free clip from Mistress Akella’s latest femdom films.  Watch all the full clips here! Here! 

A collage of stills of Mistress Akella in action. All of these videos clips can be watched right here! at Sadistic Femdom Videos..

Femdom Videos
A Collage of stills from our library of clips…


Exclusive Sadistic Femdom Video Presentation

By Rob Magee                                                                  February 26, 2017

This is an Exclusive Femdom Video Presentation of Mistress Akella. We welcome all visitors, as we continue to follow Her lovely and magnificent Mistress Akella's sissyfilming at Femme Fatale Films. If you are a new visitor to our humble online endeavors, we welcome you. In addition, we hope you will stay and look around. Browse at your leisure. This site will forever be a free site. We happen to delight in watching Mistress Akella’s very sadistic activities.

Watch the Video Here!

Year of The Cane

By Rob MaGee                                                                                February 20, 2017

The Sadistic and beautiful Mistress Akella stars in two recently released complete films. In Year of the Cane, Mistress Akella is stunningly successful while using the cane as only she knows how. Her slave is in chastity. There is an interesting end in this film that includes 365 canes to her slave’s cock.

sadistic femdom videos
Two Brand New Videos of Mistress Akella

Watch the trailer here!

Spurred On

Spurred On is the second of two of Her Sadistic Femdom Videos recently released by Femme Fatale Films. Mistress Akella slams her stable boy with her spurred riding boots in a relentless barrage of ball-busting. Mistress, as usual, has sadistic twist at the end of this femdom video. Not before she tortures his sack with those spurs. Click Here to watch the Video

A Stone-Hard Whipping

By Rob Magee                                                                   February 5, 2017

What is a stone-hard whipping you may ask? This brief story will explain…

A tall beautiful woman stands in a large, well-appointed rustic room. She is

A Sadistic Femdom Videos
The Mistress holds a whip in her gloved hand.

dressed in black from head to toe. The outfit She wears is quite flattering. In her gloved hand, she holds a whip. Read More >>> Stone Hard Whipping


The Sadistic Mistress

January 1, 2017

By Sadistic Witch

This is an Official Sadistic Femdom Videos Announcement:

At Sadistic Femdom Videos we have chosen to devote our entire attention on one very extraordinary sadistic lady. She is an enigma in the already surrealistic fetish world of kink. Her heart is filled with a passion for living in way that is beyond description. It requires plenty of men capable of suffering and sacrificing to supportHer sadistic ways. These men must surrender to Her completely. All of them must endure extreme and painful agony. Her independent spirit and expensive tastes adds to Her intrigue and allure. Her slaves care for Her like devoted worshipers. Read More about The Sadistic Mistress

Her Striking features are fabulous. A Sadistic Artist, A Goddess to many slaves.



While visiting in Russia She looked stunning in Moscow. The Mistress now resides in London where she enjoys her lifestyle as a privileged Female Supremacist. Her travels take her all across Europe.








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