Sadistic Femdom Videos

Sadistic Femdom Videos

Locating high quality extreme and excessive sadistic femdom videos is our passion. We have found high quality HD productions of a truly sadistic femdom Lady and Mistress.

The Mistress of Sadistic Femdom Videos

Our Mistress of Sadistic Femdom Videos is, Mistress Akella, LONDON DOMINATRIX . She is a most interesting Domme. Her passion is Her profession and lifestyle. A lovely blonde Dominatrix of Russian decent, who features both perfect beauty and exquisite pain. A Goddess who is also a practitioner of Sadistic Female Supremacy. Her Sadistic Femdom Videos can be easily located. She is simply elegant , exceptional and high class…  

Sadistic Femdom Videos
Fetish Photographer Sean Scott’s of Mistress Akella On Her Throne

Sadistic Mistress Akella

July 2017

Sadistic Mistress Akella Is currently on Holiday. She will be returning to London on August 6th. Meanwhile, Here is a production from Femme Fatale Films Could you take this pain? Could you go 365 days in chastity . Another production of Sadistic Femdom Videos.


We have discovered some remastered films at Sado Ladies This feature is a clip from Boys For Whipping

Now, here is another clip of pure eye candy of the Queen of Sadistic Femdom Videos, Mistress Akella.

At Sadistic Femdom we enjoy a good sadistic femdom video and this new Femme Fatale Films production looks to not disappoint. Some domestic discipline here. The Sadistic Mistress Akella looks unhappy with Her slave.

One thing that is quite clear about Mistress Akella is Her commitment to staying in shape. Watch closely, in some of Her films, when She is ballbusting the blonde Goddess delivers excruciating pain with those long lovely legs of Hers. In a film named Boxing Day Mistress Akella has her slave secured with his arms stretched toward the ceiling. Apparently he had been been whipped earlier in the day. The slave endures ten solid minutes of Mistress punching and kicking. In the following clip we put together the film is slowed down to show just how athletic She is. Notice how high Her leg kicks are. In one sequence She delivers a solid kick above the slaves shoulder blade. One can only imagine that if the slave was shorter She could deliver a deadly blow to the head.

Sadistic Femdom VideosSo Here you have a clip of Mistress delivering painful kicks to her human punching bag.

Femme Fatale Films of Mistress Akella

In this newly released video at Femme Fatale Films of Mistress Akella Her slave is in for an overload of pain. He is already locked in a chastity device and the cold hearted beauty is eager to add to his misery. his nipples are mutilated and mangled while his balls are also clamped. She delivers tremendous pain to Her victim with very little effort on Her part. This Sadistic Femdom Mistress demonstrates Her vast experience and knowledge of sadistic behavior. She surely know how to humiliate and belittle a man with Her sharp words. Additionally, every slave who is tortured by Mistress knows the true meaning of subjugation.

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More Sadistic Femdom Videos

May 20, 2017

The Sadistic Mistress Akella is like a sniper with that whip. Action from a www.sadoladies/com Video. Her ability to crack Her whip and have it land exactly where she knows it will deliver a maximum amount of humiliating pain. Listen to the slave’s screams and you will get a good feel for just how good She is with a whip. From a personal point of view I think She looks most beautiful when she smiles so sadistically as She is so proud of Her handiwork. This excerpt came from a small portion of the film, with much more sadistic whipping remaining.

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Update: Sadistic Femdom Videos

In this update, the Sadistic Femdom Mistress Akella who is renown for Her wicked ball busting. This pathetic slave is in for a sadistic surprise. When a slave is in the presence of Mistress Akella he can never know what to expect. This poor slave has been found to be in bad situation. The Mistress is not pleased with his erection and wastes little time making Her point. The man is nearly in tears as She shows him how to behave. Her cold steely eyes and perfectly fixed hair are a site to see.  Another gem from www.sadoladies/com.

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Sadistic Femdom Videos keep on cumming. Here is a free clip from Mistress Akella’s archive femdom films. This feature is one where the Mistress confuses Her slave in a way that will allow Her to cane Her slave even more than he might expect. The Mistress delights in doing this kind of trickery in many of Her Sadistic Femdom Videos. Again the slave screams tell of the true nature of his compromised situation. As always the cruel beauty expects to be thanked for Her precious time. She especially likes all of Her slaves to be grateful, and just as important, they must also be generous with their Tributes. After all, He is only one of Her slaves. All of Her slaves must obey Her every wish.

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A collage of stills of Mistress Akella in action. All of these videos clips can be watched right here! at Sadistic Femdom Videos..

Femdom Videos
A Collage of stills from our library of clips…


Her Striking features are fabulous. A Sadistic Artist, A Goddess to many slaves.



While visiting in Russia She looked stunning in Moscow. The Mistress now resides in London where she enjoys her lifestyle as a privileged Female Supremacist. Her travels take her all across Europe.








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